Consultation Appointments

If you have a tax matter that concerns you, especially a CRA (or Ontario Department of Finance) audit, objection or appeal, you should book a consultation appointment with me as early as possible, since deadlines for appeals tend to be tight and there is much to be done.

A consultation with me involves the following:

* A quick preliminary conversation (by phone or e-mail usually) of around five minutes, to assess whether a full consultation is desirable. (This is free.)
* A review of any correspondence or assessments or appeals. (Depending on whether the issue is a demand, an audit, an objection or a Tax Court Appeal.)
* A one-hour (scheduled) meeting to collect the relevant facts and discuss how to respond.
* An assessment of what your rights are in the particular tax situation, what responses you might make, and a recommendation of which to proceed with.
* (If desired) a written version of that assessment.

For this I charge one hour of my time at my standard rate, so it is $400 plus HST = $452.00.

If you would like to have a phone call about a matter for that brief five-minute preliminary chat, I am generally available at 905-296-3378.