CRA Leaks Confidential Tax Details of Prominent Canadians

Not only of prominent Canadians, mind you, but mostly prominent and/or wealthy ones. CBC is reporting that it has been leaked a document containing “confidential” tax information of a number of prominent Canadians including Jean Chrétien and fellow tax lawyer (and prominent Olympics figure) Richard Pound. The 18-page spreadsheet contains confidential tax records and is related to donations of cultural property made to Canadian galleries and museums.

The CBC story quotes a recent Toronto Star piece stating that CRA has made 14 separate leaks or breaches of confidential tax information between April 1 and July 31 of this year. As I have discussed before, your data’s safety and confidentiality in CRA’s hands is highly questionable, securing data in their hands appears impossible, and remedies for injury in the event of a breach or leak are difficult even if you manage to discover it.

Written by Craig Burley

Craig is a tax lawyer in private practice in Hamilton, Ontario. Call Craig at (905) 296-3378 to discuss issues that you think may need independent tax advice. In addition to tax, Craig writes and works publicly on a number of other issues related to law, justice, and public affairs.