New Developments in Small Business Taxation

I appeared at the Hamilton Law Association Corporate/Commercial Seminar in early October, with a short talk on New Developments in Small Business Taxation as part of the “Quick Hits” panel.

You can download or view a copy of the paper for that seminar here.

I covered:

  • Small Business Tax Rates and the 2016 Budget;
  • The End of the Eligible Capital Property regime and New Class 14.1;
  • Sales of Goodwill;
  • New Restrictions on Small Business Deductions (associated corporations, non-arm’s length supplies, etc.);
  • New Rules on Claiming the Principal Residence Exemption;
  • New Rules on Insurance Policies; and
  • Chambre des Notaires du Quebec and Thompson: Developments in Solicitor-Client Privilege.

Written by Craig Burley

Craig is a tax lawyer in private practice in Hamilton, Ontario. Call Craig at (905) 296-3378 to discuss issues that you think may need independent tax advice. In addition to tax, Craig writes and works publicly on a number of other issues related to law, justice, and public affairs.