Pooled Registered Pension Plans

Pooled Registered Pension Plans are coming–with the federal legislation already having received royal assent and Quebec’s version, the VRSP, now also here. It’s a matter of time before the provinces come into line with legislation of their own.

If you’re a small business or if you advise small businesses, you should get to know these. Mandatory PRPPs may well be on their way for businesses that don’t offer other retirement savings vehicles for their employees.

This short piece from Craig Burley (click to download) has the very basics of what PRPPs are all about, plus information on tax issues for tax practitioners. If you want to discuss PRPPs further, call me at 905-523-4812 or e-mail me at craig.burley@gmail.com. I can also come to present a quick 1/2 hour to 1 hour presentation on PRPPs aimed at any level.

Written by Craig Burley

Craig is a tax lawyer in private practice in Hamilton, Ontario. Call Craig at (905) 296-3378 to discuss issues that you think may need independent tax advice. In addition to tax, Craig writes and works publicly on a number of other issues related to law, justice, and public affairs.

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